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Three Dogs and Three Points

Today I saw an unusual sight driving home. It occurred as I drove by the dog pound in Eaton. They have an outside area that allows dogs to run and let off some energy. It is a place that you can take a prospective dog to interact with it outside, even perhaps taking it home with you.

There were two dogs that first got my attention as I drove by.

These two dogs were running from one corner to another having a great time. One was chasing and the other was being chased. As I watched them head into a corner they had to veer off quickly as a third dog, a larger, lab type dog was just sitting in the corner as if he/she were in a trance, focused on something else, almost looking up.

It may seem odd, but it reminds me of the christian life.

1 As Christian we are constantly being chased by the Devil. Listen, if you are doing anything for the Lord, the Devil will not be too far behind trying to discourage you or sway you from being obedient to your Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Some Chris…

Kool Aid , Cookies, and a Billfold

Do you remember your first Vacation Bible School? Can you remember how you anticipated that cup of kool aid and two cookies each night. Mom and dad kept in their garage for a long time, the frog I made out of busted up tile pieces.

I can still recall my young days at North Dayton Baptist Church with the pastor's wife, Lois as my teacher. I loved her. She had a heart for kids and taught us with a tender compassion. One of my more memorable events took place when she shared, that the first one to quote the books of the New Testament would receive a prize. I went home, and went though the books over and over, determined to be the first.

The moment of truth came, and by the Lord's grace, I raced through the New Testament successfully. The next day I received the gift. A billfold! I was so proud to receive the gift. I think it was her way of saying that all we have belongs to the Lord, so don't forget to tithe.

Another memory took place years earlier at the Northridg…