Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't forget Mom this Mother's Day

This Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day.  A time to say thanks and remember Mom for all she has done.  I realize I am blessed to still have a Mom as many have lost theirs. May we all be sensitive to the needs around us at this time of the year.  Some are spending their first Mother's Day without their Mother or perhaps it the first without a wife.  May the memories flood souls with warmth, joy, and comfort.

 My Mom has always been there for us.  She is interested in all of our lives and is living to spend quality time, not just with grand kids, but great grand kids.  I praise the Lord for that!

Renee is a great mom. I married the best. Willing do anything for the family, not just for her own kids and grand kids, but anyone. She is an example of selfless living.

This year Stacy our daughter is enjoying her first Mother's Day as Koby approaches his first Birthday Celebration. I am amazed at what good Mothers both she and our daughter in law Ashley are.  I guess a Mother's love is woven into the fabric of who she is, and like Christ, a Mother loves unconditionally.

This Sunday take some time and remind Mom of just how special she is. She is worth it as her price is far above rubies.  Proverbs 31.

Bro. Greg