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Lately in football, there appears to be an epidemic of runners celebrating too early and dropping the ball before they even cross the goal line.  I am not sure what is going on but it happened again Saturday night as the Buckeyes played Oklahoma.  I originally missed it, but soon instant replay and Social Media were exploding with proof that Joe Mixon dropped the ball before he got to the end zone. How embarrassing!  All caught on national TV.  As a coach, I would be fuming.  It has happened more this year than I have ever  witnessed as a sports fan.

Sometimes I fear that as Christians, we may be doing the very same thing that these players are doing. We are letting up, taking it easy.

Like the players involved, we think we have really done something.  As we turn and look for high fives from our teammates, we get them because they missed it as well.  As a matter of fact, the crowd is slapping us on the back and shouting with great joy, but you see, they missed it as well.  The camera…