Monday, January 30, 2017

A Real Achievement! 60 Years!

Thursday, February 2, 2017, Lord willing, my mom and dad (Fred and Dyne Jackson) will celebrate sixty years of marriage. What a blessing to still have both of my parents in good health, and still enjoying each other committed as ever to the vows they took in 1957.  Sheila and I have been blessed kids to be raised, and grow up in a home where Christ was first.  Mom and Dad were never loud with their own faith, but simply led us by example.

Renee lost her dad in 1984, so I do not take for granted the fact that we can still do life with two that are dearly loved.  They have not only been an active part of the grand kids, but are now enjoying the great grand sons. They all know Papaw Hoot and Granny.

They have never quit loving, or worrying about us, and most importantly, they have never quit praying for us.  February 2 you know is Ground Hogs Day.  If have a feeling if you were to ask them that they will tell you that they would do all over again, the very same way.

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything,  and congratulations!  We all love you.

3 John 1:4   I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017


In a week we will travel to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for the Memorial Service of my Dad's sister and last sibling, Patsy Sisson. Words really do not seem adequate to describe this amazing woman of God.  When my Papaw and Granny passed away in Tennessee our visits became more rare to see other family, but Patsy was one that you really looked forward to seeing, and regardless of how long it had been, she was the best greeter and so gracious for your company.

If you never had the opportunity to meet my dad's parents, Buck and Carrie Jackson, when you looked and spoke to Patsy, you met them both.  Granny's voice, mannerisms, and appearance, and Papaw Buck's kindness, generous heart, and reception to anyone who would come down that gravel lane to the house in Coalfield, Tennessee. Patsy knew Jesus and was faithful while she could be to Central Baptist Church in Oak Ridge. She loved her family, her church, her Pastor, but most of all Jesus.

The title of this blog is Patsy/Barnabas.  Over the years I have had the privilege to attend several of Johnny Hunt's Timothy/Barnabas Pastor's Schools.  Aunt Patsy really was a Barnabas to us, to me when I surrendered to preach.  I can remember the Sunday I was making announcements and in walked mom, dad, some family from Tennessee and Aunt Patsy.  What a thrill, what a blessing!

Paul needed Barnabas to step in and walk with him when he became a Christ follower.  Christians were afraid of him, and no doubt cynical about his conversion as some kind  of game, but as Barnabas witnessed, a new life in Christ!  We all need a Barnabas , and what a blessing if God has called you to be the Barnabas, the encourager in your family.  Patsy always saw the good, loved unconditionally.

Having lost her husband W.D., and oldest child Kim, her faith has become sight.  I would love to hear her describe that celestial city.  Oh how I would love to hear her talk about that reunion with Papaw and Granny, W.D., Kim, Herman and Lottie.

I believe she would remind us all that heaven is worth it!  Live for Jesus, place your faith in Him as Savior and Lord.  I will be waiting on you when God calls you home!

Thank you Aunt Patsy for all you meant to dad and mom,  and Sheila and Rick, Renee and I with those little notes and fun gifts, always thinking about others.  You will be missed, but always live on in our hearts.