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Oh Little Town....

It really is. Today the message was on kindness in the series on the Fruit of the Spirit. People do seem to be kinder when it comes to this time of the year.

I love living and pastoring in a small town. Recently I read a book named in the title of this blog and was reminded of the blessing of living in a rural small community. During the holiday season, a small town comes to life. Camden becomes a Thomas - Kinkaide like water color represented by the lives of the wonderful families that live here. We are no exception, small towns can spread news like a speeding train, but the pros far outway the negatives.

Like a small town, a church is a family. Families may have a difference or two every now and then, but the Lord works us through those moments.

I am super proud of the mission heart our folks have developed. This season the Lord has blessed us to provide a Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Day free community meal. We will be having for the first time, a deacon and wives led, "Night To R…

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sunday night , we did an Old Fashion 5th Sunday Night Sing. Great crowd and great blessing. As I opened in prayer I thought I heard something, and then I heard it again. It was true! Someone was calling out my name, but they weren't saying, Brother Greg or Pastor. It was getting louder and louder. I could hear people snickering , trying to muffle it as I prayed on. It was a sound that was even sweeter to my ears. The voice and the tone began to sound quite familiar. it was coming from a special guest that I didn't know was there. It was coming from the lips of a nearly two year old blond headed boy seated toward the back with his family.

The word he was shouting out carries great weight and responsibility. It is a term that means someone is counting on you, and that regardless of circumstances, love still wins.

When I said Amen, I asked our folks to great each other and everyone go give my grandson Aiden a big welcome hug.

The word which he spoke over and over.............Pa…