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What's Wrong With Religion?

Last night I took part in a revival service and was blessed to hear one of our favorite evangelist, Dr. Ronnie Owens from Tennessee. Taken from Matthew 6, the question was asked, "Why do we do what we do?
The title of his message captivated me. "The Top Ten Things Wrong With Religion." I believe this is a message that every christian should hear, as well as those who do not know Christ and are searching.

Have you have ever found yourself in any of these? With his permission, here they are?

1. Religion is more interested in what you do, rather than who you are.

2. Religion is more concerned about coming to church than being the church.

3. Religion builds up a few to tear down everyone else.

4. Religion creates clones not changed lives.

5. Religion adds it's own set of rules to the Bible.

6. Religion complicates things. Jesus made it simple.

7. Religion asks the wrong questions. Do you go to church? The right question to ask is do you know Jesus?

8. Religious people are obsesse…