Monday, July 17, 2017

VBS Takeaways

Another year of Vacation Bible School has come and gone and the Lord has impressed upon me some things that I hope will encourage us and any church who goes through the hard work of prayer, preparation, planning, serving, and working each year.

I loved how the Gospel story flowed this year in "Galactic Starveyors " Discovering the God of the Universe from Lifeway.
  • The Relationship Began
  • The Relationship was Broken
  • The Relationship Promised
  • The Relationship Restored
  • The Relationship Continues
It all pointed to Jesus this week and that is what really matters.  The Worship music was fun and exciting, the kids gave with great generosity to the Camden "Lil Shop of Sharing."

We had storms pretty much all week, and had a power outage that caused the kitchen team to change course, but all did a great job.

Here are a few VBS takeaways that God reminded me of last week:
  1. Serving the Lord is about Him, not us.
  2. If you don't keep the Gospel the main thing, it will drift into the pool of just another thing.
  3. It is my job to set the sail for leaders and workers. Prayer is crucial.
  4. It is wonderful to serve along side Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the trenches.
  5. We have a number of people that are very gifted.
  6. Respond with grace.
  7. Show kids unconditional love.
  8. Greet parents personally at the end of the night.  There were many guests.
  9. God still uses VBS to mobilize one of the largest groups here at the church serving at the same time.
  10. Kids are not impressed with fancy, but with fun as they learn.
  11. There is always a critic in the crowd.  Everyone needs encouraged.
  12. Kids still get saved in Bible School.  What a blessing to see tender hearts wanting Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.
  13. Anything worth doing is never easy. 
  14. Anything done for the Lord is worth it.
  15. Heaven will reveal the whole story.
Thanks to all for a great job of VBS in 2017!  Lives were changed and so was mine.

Pastor Greg