Thursday, October 11, 2012

Does Revival Really Make A Difference?

After experiencing one of the greatest weeks of Revival I have ever been a part of with Dr. Phil Hoskins and Greg Lockridge here in Camden, I praise the Lord for allowing us to be part of something bigger than us.  What a blessing to pastor a church that loves the preached Word, each other, this community, and not only their pastor, but preachers.

Revival?  You just don't hear too much about Revivals any more.  Most of the time it seems that the context in which the word is used is when we are talking about our nation or world.    Now please understand, we desperately need it as a nation. But why have so many pastors and churches abandoned the concept of having revival meetings? why is it becoming common to hear, "We don't have revivals anymore."

I recognize that some pastors have been humiliated in front of a guest speaker by a church that didn't support it, by being present or by sacrificial giving.  Many churches that once scheduled revivals regularly have stopped simply due to competing for time with other things families are involved in.

Revival doesn't come riding in with a preacher, yet I believe as a pastor, that God uses a fresh voice not only for the church but for me as the pastor.  This was also the first time that we had brought  in a Music Evangelist, and this was great for our Worship Team to learn from him.

Old School and conservative traditionalist  may be just a few things that people may think of me and of the ministry here in Camden, but that's ok. We rejoice over the two young adults that gave their hearts to Christ and for the many decisions of recommitment that were made by believers.

Revivals and Evangelists do make a difference. We all need a fresh touch from God.