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The Day Everything Changed

I was in the office most of the day on Friday, December 14th only two days after I had posted a blog in regards to 12/12/12 and to the wonder and joy of Christmas. It was a fun blog, but today we don't laugh, we cry.  We cry with families from a small community in Ct., perhaps a little like Camden.

 It caught my eye as the headlines began to scroll on the 14th and I began to see that a shooting, the Sandy Hook School shootings, were worse than tragic.  Twenty first graders and six teachers shot and killed in the sanctuary of their elementary school and classrooms.  How can this happen in America? Innocent kids, faithful teachers, and a principal that loved here students.  Anger, disbelief and pain.  Oh, pray for the hole and the emptiness of loss that is in each families heart tonight.

We have a number of teachers in our church family, and our children are both teachers. Sunday was a very emotional day in our pupit and no doubt in most.This merciless killing spree has torn the hea…

12/12/12 and Christmas

It is hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away.  Today as I write on December 12, 2012 it is the last time in our lifetime that the month will match up with the year.

Today at as I left lunch, the person checking me out asked, "Do you think the end of the world is coming on December 21?"  

The Lord opened up a door for me to share Christ, and that the world will end one day.. at the Father's command, not the prediction of a person here on earth.

The first Christmas was about Light coming into the darkness.  About Hope that would be born so we can have peace about the future and what is ahead of us.  While 12/12/12 is a day that will be the last of it's kind for our generation, it is symbolic of this season as well.

While past Christmases bring wonderful memories, and perhaps even some pain, we can't go back and relive it the exact same way.  God allows us to make new memories right where life meets the road, the here and now.

If God allows and we ce…