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Bigger than the Buckeyes?

  Having been home a few days from the 59th annual State Convention of Ohio Baptists, I now have an opportunity to share some things that greatly blessed me. It was at a waterpark! A new standard for the other states to follow.
I must say that I have been a little withdrawn from our State Convention lately. Don't get me wrong, we still are a strong CP giving and mission going church, and we do appreciate all the SCBO has done and continues to do to help us reach Ohio and over 7 million without Christ, but I have not been too involved lately.

1. The fellowship was good. Not only with Renee and my mom and dad,   I have forgotten how much preachers need each other to encourage each other on the journey of ministry.

2. The reports were encouraging :  The many reports of folks who came to Christ and were baptized, 44 church plants, some good unexpected financial blessings that allowed for property mortgage burning, great ministry reports, and tremendous cooperation with NAMB wh…