Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Memories

I hope to list several blogs in the upcoming days and just list things I am grateful for when it comes to Christmas.  Memories that as a boy were huge, and now at fifty five... precious!

1. The focus is Jesus!  That is one thing about Christmas.  As a Christian it has always been about the Savior.  My mom and dad instilled that.  I am not saying that receiving gifts as a boy was not wonderful.  I am saying like Paul quotes in Acts 20 that like Jesus, "It is more blessed to give than receive."  when you look at the greatest gift giver, it was Jesus. Even those that may ignore Christ during the year will take the time to get to a candlelight service or special Church related Christmas program.

2. Family!  This is the opportunity to spend dedicated time with those we love.  Through fellowship, we are often reminded of the wonderful blessing it is to be part of a family.  Our Christmases were wonderful growing up.  Dad and Mom always made them fun.  Our house growing up was filled with laughter ,  Renee and I tried to do the same thing with our kids as they grew up.  Now we have the great blessing of seeing our four grandsons enjoy the wonder of it all!

Some Christmas memories as a boy:
* Mom, Dad, and Sheila
*Luke 2 Sermons by Pastor
*Christmas Treat Bags at Church
*Christmas Treat bag candy stuck together
*Caroling with hot chocolate and sloppy joes (We still do it!)
* Peanut butter roll from neighbor Evelyn (nearly all sugar)
*Mom's Chocolate fudge
*Spending Christmas with Enedie and Uncle Wallace
*Small Pool Table
*Sure Shot Hockey
*Cookies out for Santa
*Cookies eaten by Santa
*Schwinn 10 Speed