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First Prize = Blue Ribbon

This week marks another anticipated time of fun.  The Preble County Fair! I have always wanted to enter some produce just to see how I might do, but it never happens.  I just don't get around to it.  One cause for my delay to enter may simply be, "What if I don't win?"

That is the mentality that I believe some folks have when it comes to surrendering their lives to Christ. "What if I do this thing and then mess up?" Good question, and I have liberating news!  The truth of God's Word is that we are not saved because we don't mess up.  We are all sinners, separated from a Holy God.  Romans 3:23  It is the Lord's death, burial, and resurrection that has purchased our forgiveness.  We will mess up, and as the Holy Spirit convicts us, we don't lose what we had received, we confess and repent and are forgiven based on the the finished work of our Lord and Savior.

I am glad that my reward is not based on what someone else thinks, but based on what…