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Holy Land Blessing!

I sit here today in Nashville reflecting on the recent trip that the church blessed me with to Israel. A trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land!  Over the past 20 years the church has blessed me with many things, but this trip may have been the greatest investment they have ever made.

It was so much more than I expected.You mean I expected something less? I based this assumption on it not being what I thought it would be based on reports from other people who have visited. You simply have to see it for your self to as the Bible comes alive in a new way that will never be forgotten either in my mind or sermon.

As it all impacted me, the Garden Tomb was where I was overwhelmed with great emotion as we read the Biblical account and shared communion as believers.

To walk where Jesus walked and to stand in the synagogue ruins where He taught, it has etched images in my mind that will forever change the way I preach. to walk down the rough steps to the dungeon where Jesus was beaten  was a me…