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Stacy's Song Pt . 2

We are now officially in a group of parents known as empty nesters. Here is my review of the wedding of our daughter Stacy to Kyle Herrmann this past Saturday. Two alterations to my tux. Had I worn the second pair of pants with white socks we would have been moonwalking to Thriller. A good cry on Thursday helped relieve some feelings. Beautiful day! Renee looked beautiful! She is a great wife, mom, mamaw. Have never witnessed a more pretty group of girls standing beside the bride. Two nieces, daughter in law, and the rest of the girls I have performed their weddings. One word when I saw Stacy; STUNNING! Her dress was perfect for her. She looked elegant and comfortable. Loved her hair. Packed house! Never knew the impact of four short words as a dad. "Her mother and I." I stepped in at that point and we had a great service. I thank God that I did not ruin it by breaking down. The Lord gave me a great peace through the service. Many friends,tremendous support from both…

Stacy's Song

This Saturday I will walk Stacy down the aisle to become Mrs. Kyle Herrmann.  I am so blessed as a son, brother, husband , and dad, and now father in law and papaw. 

Day 1 I will never forget.
The day she was born.  What a beautiful healthy little girl who has been nothing but a blessing to her mom and me. 
Day 2 I will never forget.
The day she gave her life to Christ. Some people talk about Jesus yet never live for Him.  Stacy has been a faithful witness, and has not wavered. I praise the Lord for that.
Day 3 I will never forget.
This Saturday, her wedding day. This Song by Steve and Annie Chapman is special to our family, and there is no way, I could hear this Saturday and stay composed enough not only to give her away, but to perform the service so here are the lyrics.

Stacy is a special girl.

Daddy Don't You Know 

She skipped across the room in her pretty new dress
Did a ballerina turn in her patent leather shoes
And to say the very least
I was impressed
She was my little girl

And we pla…