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Reading My Obituary

Wednesday I will attend the funeral of a boyhood friend, and ironically, a friend with the same name as mine. Only difference is that he was Greg O. Jackson and I am Greg F. Jackson. We used to have some fun with people mixing us up or confusing the conversation. The biggest mix up came when we both went to the same oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth taken out. I only had three and Greg O. went to his appointment before me and they only took three of his four teeth out. He had to go back. I was laying back in the chair and noticed my x ray had Greg O. on it. We caught it in a nick of time.
I wonder if anyone will see the obit and immediately think it is me who has passed. The difference in the second sentence of this blog is he was and I am. It was very eerie reading the obituary with my name on it. The good news is that Greg O. is not a was. He is at this moment in the presence of the Lord with a son and his dad. He is more alive than he has ever been.
Do you realize you are writing y…