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FLASH! An Open Letter to Sports Parents That Are Christian

On this blog I give way to an article that I received from Mike Harland from Lifeway Worship that is painful in many ways. Having been an athlete, married an athlete, raised athletes, and now have grandsons who will most likely play in the days ahead if the Lord tarries. I am a ball loving pastor.  Buckle your seat belt if you have children involved in sports.  This article will offend you at some point, it did me, but may it draw us closer to the Lord. Pastoring a church where we see Youth ministry struggling to getting our own church kids to come.  Seeing a Sunday School class that was once full with only a few kids.  Could this be us?
March 3, 2014  An Open Letter to Sports Parents That Are Christian NEWS FLASH! Your son is not going to play Major League baseball. And, your daughter is not going to be on the Olympic team in volleyball or soccer either.
So, why in the world, and for what possible eternal reason are you sacrificing a vital aspect of their spiritual development in th…