Monday, January 18, 2016

Two Broken Legs Later

Twenty two years ago today, on Martin Luther King Day, we went from having a a great day to one of the worst days of our lives.

It all began with a great night of fresh powder snowfall, so Renee and I decided to take Drew, our then eight year old son skiing for his his first trip.  There was so much snow that we actually had to fight our way there as we navigated the freshly covered roads.

After several hours of fun and getting him used to the equipment and bunny hills, it all changed in a matter of seconds. As he skied below Renee and I, he went down in a weird looking way and immediately we knew something was wrong.  As parents, you know when your kids are hurt, and there was no doubt.  We made our way to him and it was obvious, that one of his legs was broken. Neither ski had released on his fall.  We were numb as the Ski Patrol came to his and our rescue, but that was not all.  As they began to move him, it was soon realized that both of his legs were broken!

How could it be? In just a moment everything for him changed.  Renee rode with him in the ambulance and I followed.  Due to the slick conditions, my car would not climb out of the parking lot.  I would just spin.  Finally a good Samaritan pulled me out and off racing I went, crying, praying, and worried.  The X-Rays revealed two boot-top fractures.  They splinted him and told us to make an appointment the next day in Dayton with an Ortho. After nine weeks in casts up to his thighs,  and a great Elementary Teacher that came to our house daily to make sure he didn't get behind, he recovered. I can still see him clinging to the pews at church to balance himself as he learned to walk again.

Lessons that we learned:
*God is in the business of fixing broken things.
* We all fall from time to time, both physically and spiritually.
* We all need help.  That is why Jesus came and died. We all need the Savior.
* You hurt when those you love are hurting.
* Sometimes accidents can happen right in front of you.
* To be more considerate of families that have handicapped children.
* People with handicaps just want to be treated normal. Everyone needs grace and love, and that includes you and me.

I thank the Lord that he healed that little boy who is now a fine young thirty year old husband, and daddy of two great boys himself,  two broken legs later.