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Reality Check!

When I am afraid, I will trust in You. Ps. 56:3

With Stacy's fast approaching wedding date of June 9, it is hard to believe that time is drawing near. A member called with a word of encouragement and asked me to read the devotion from Lifeway's Stand Firm for April 9.

Wayne Watson's lyrics to "The Class of 95" have a prophetic ring to them in the stage of life I now find myself as a husband, son, dad, and now two time Papaw!

"Every living thing is sure with time to come of age,

Just like girls and boys outgrow their toys and reach to turn the page,

So this is what I bargained for, A hushed hello and a rushed goodbye,

Old folks said I'd be amazed at how quickly time would fly,

Even so I'm thankful that God saw fit to lend,

this child into my unworthy hands, who's less a child now,

and more a friend...."