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Glory DAZE

This has been one of the first times Renee and I have waited to go on vacation so late in the year.  I can tell you we are looking forward to it.  It is also one of my favorite times of the year as everything seems to get going again. School resumes, families begin to return to church, football is back, and everyone seems to have a little more get up and go. It is exciting for our family as well as our oldest 6 year old grandson Aiden is in first grade, and 4 year old Eli is in pre-school a few days.

We have a good group of teachers and students here at FSBC.  My hope is that these kids will enjoy and cherish these school days because they will come and go quickly.  You never think that when you are sitting in a hot room after a long day looking at a Geometry textbook.  The days seem to drag. Into our twenty third year here, it is a great blessing to watch some of these kids now, go to college, and even do their wedding, when I remember when they were born.  School certainly can be th…