Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Prayer on Mother's Day 2013

   Lord, Mother's day is one of my favorite Sundays.  Help me to recognize and preach with a tender heart as I minister to folks in different stations of life and relationships with their moms.  To the moms in attendance, I want to encourage them. To those whose moms  are living, I want to challenge them to take steps of communication. We have several who have recently lost their mothers.  Help me to love that person in a tender way tomorrow.  To the many who have buried their mothers  help me through Your power to rally that person to remember the special memories that each one has of their sweet mother. Help me not to pretend that I know how they feel.  I still have my mom.  To the mothers that have lost children,  help me preach with boldness from Scripture that heaven is real and that reunions will take place one day.
   Lord, thank you for my wonderful mom. While she is away tomorrow, her love and my gratitude will be forever tucked in my heart. This is the first time in my fifty one years that we are not together on Mother's Day, and I am grateful that death or illness is not the barrier that separates us tomorrow. I pray for those who will endure Mother's Day for the first time tomorrow without their mom here with them. I say endure because it must be so emotional for these folks.  Many will choose not to come to church because of this, but for those who do, give me a humble spirit as I preach .  Thank you for a wife who is a Christlike example of a godly mother. Thank you for a daughter in law who is raising with our son boys to love Jesus.
  Thank you Healer, that Renee and our family can celebrate Mother's Day with her mom once again.  We are grateful for Your touch on her body.   In Jesus Name, Amen.