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Lessons from Yesterday!

Yesterday was one of those days that you pray for as a pastor.  It began knowing that we were going to baptize two brothers. That is always wonderful to know that we are baptizing.  Both having received Christ as their Savior in Bible School.  One this year and one several years ago.  Lesson #1 Bible School is still our Church's most fruit bearing ministry.  While we were talking about how I was going to baptize, their young brother Wyatt was with them and he indicated that he wanted Jesus to come into his heart.  Wait a minute, the worship service had not started yet! Lesson #2 Jesus still saves!  With our worship guest, This Hope ( standing there, we knelt and led this young man to Christhurch joyfully proclaimed our gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord.  What a morning, what a way to begin a service.  We baptized all three together as we celebrated together as a church the hand of God moving in a mighty way.

This Hope led in a Spirit filled  and led worship exper…