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Takeaways from Revival

A Baker's Dozen: Takeaways from Revival

Yesterday we concluded what I believe to be, one of the greatest weeks of Revival services we have experienced in the life of FSBC here in Camden.  Worship was powerful, and the messages were delivered from God's word with passion and anointing from Evangelist Scott N.Smith.  In a day when some may think that people just don't attend Revivals anymore, I would beg to differ as we had good strong crowds for each service.  We were even blessed to have a choir sing in each service.  Revivals and choirs are two words that some just don't value today.  By God's grace I encourage any pastor or church member to reconsider.  Do you or the church need a fresh word.  My experience is that God may want to use someone else to bring it from time to time.

Some fruit from this past week 1) Souls were saved. Praise the Lord! 2) Believers were moved and responded on bended knee in most services. 3) Corporate worship was heartfelt and moving.