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One Step At A time

I hope you were part of the viewing audience that watched Nic Wallenda walk the tightrope over 1400 feet across a section of the Grand Canyon. To make it even more sensational, he did it without a tether or any kind of safety device. If that weren’t enough, he prayed and praised the Lord all the way across with a microphone that went out to the world that was watching. You talk about a public testimony.I have come to find out that this is nothing new for him to pray and talk to the Lord as he performs. When asked if he got into trouble on the tightrope what would he do, he said, “He would go to the rope as a point of safety.” At one point he told his dad that he didn’t want to talk to anyone.It was just him, His heavenly Father, and his earthly father. Our rope of safety as a Christian is in the Divine Hand of a Sovereign God.When the winds of life knock us off balance, the Lord is there to steady us and to hold us.
Nic Wallenda’s feat reminds us all that the Christian w…