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When Your August Doesn't Sizzle!

Most of the time, August means hot, lazy, the winding down of summer, school clothes hopefully purchased, and school buses starting to roll.  In ministry it may be even the month where you try to catch your breath as the fall schedule begins to take shape.

A former pastor and longtime mentor of mine, Joe Baker, once said, "Don't evaluate ministry on Monday morning, or in the month of August."That is a good word preacher. Why?

I believe that Mondays can be either wonderful or grueling. If you have had a good Sunday, powerful worship, decisions for Christ, strong attendance, strong offering and a spirit of unity.  That can add up to a good Monday. A great Monday! That is when sleep is easy on Sunday night as you are exhausted from giving it your best. You get to the office early on Monday, ready to tackle the week and preparation in front of you with passion and excitement.

But what about when August isn't sizzling.  Everything seems down, and as you look around, it ap…