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Prayer for FSBC

Lord, today I pray for our Church Family.  With the excitement of a school year winding down, our nation has once again been rocked with a senseless school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.  We pray for all of those who suffered the loss of a child, sibling, grandchild, and for the students, teachers and staff.  We lift up the first responders, and I pray Lord for the Pastors and Churches in that area who are ministering through the pain. Help our nation, states, and communities take bold steps to make sure this ends in our nation.  Students killing students, or anyone who murders another represents the lies of the devil.  May You send a great awakening to America.  Forgive us, and heal us we pray.
Whoever is reading this message today, help us major on the main things.  Help us to take the message we heard yesterday to heart and seek to please You Lord.  Thank You for the commitment of everyone who serves here at FSBC and those who will be serving in the upcoming year.  Than…