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I Can't Believe You Still Have Revivals in Camden?

We are almost ready to begin our Spring 2014 "It Could be Tomorrow"  Bible Prophecy Revival with Dr. Gary Frazier from Texas.  Revival?  Isn't that outdated?  No one is having a Revival anymore!  Bro. Greg, surely you don't expect your busy people to attend service throughout the week do you?

Let me answer the last question first.  Yes!  I absolutely expect the First Southern Baptist Family to support Revival, through praying, attending, inviting, and giving.  Why?  We need it!  We all need it!

The second question is partly true. Many churches, led by pastors are not scheduling Revivals.  Some for different reasons that may be valid.  The majority I believe would fall into one of these categories.

Why a Church may no longer have a Revival.

1. The People have voted in previous Revivals by their lack of attendance and have embarrassed  the Lord, the Pastor and  the Church.

2. The Pastor doesn't want to put the work in required to pray, plan, and prepare for an Evangel…

Why I love Easter

I love Easter Sunday Services!  One reason is the excitement.  It contains the excitement that is really rightfully ours each day of our life as a Christian. Easter is the crescendo echoing across the corridors of history that shouts, "Jesus is alive!"  Another reason I love Easter Sunday is because of family. , Lord willing Renee and I will get to spend a little time with ours, but this Sunday morning many families will walk through these doors, young and old.  It seems like yesterday that Renee and I were toting Drew and Stacy into Sunday School and Church, and can still see in my mind the way they looked on some of those Easter Sundays.

Folks, life is flying by, James says like a vapor.  Let's not put off what needs to happen in our lives now.  Let's decide today that this Easter is going to be different.  It is going to be the time where I re-surrender my life, my home, my family to serving the Lord Jesus and and once again establishing worship as a …