I Can't Believe You Still Have Revivals in Camden?

We are almost ready to begin our Spring 2014 "It Could be Tomorrow"  Bible Prophecy Revival with Dr. Gary Frazier from Texas.  Revival?  Isn't that outdated?  No one is having a Revival anymore!  Bro. Greg, surely you don't expect your busy people to attend service throughout the week do you?

Let me answer the last question first.  Yes!  I absolutely expect the First Southern Baptist Family to support Revival, through praying, attending, inviting, and giving.  Why?  We need it!  We all need it!

The second question is partly true. Many churches, led by pastors are not scheduling Revivals.  Some for different reasons that may be valid.  The majority I believe would fall into one of these categories.

 Why a Church may no longer have a Revival.

1. The People have voted in previous Revivals by their lack of attendance and have embarrassed  the Lord, the Pastor and  the Church.

2. The Pastor doesn't want to put the work in required to pray, plan, and prepare for an Evangelist to come.

3. The Pastor feels threatened by the thought of bringing in a preacher who may be a better preacher than he.

4. Giving. Either the Love Offering may be so small that it dishonors the Lord and makes the church look bad, or on the other hand there are some folks have a hard time supporting a Love Offering that God may bless and indeed be a sizable gift.

5. Real revival will bring conviction and repentance.  This is uncomfortable for many pastors.  The very thing we pray for and need is also the thing that can really make us squirm.  It causes me and you to look honestly at our sin.  It is when God prunes and purges.

6.  Perhaps the saddest commentary may be that the Pastor and/or the church no longer has a passion to see people saved.

Folks, I really don't care if others plan a Revival or not, I am not their Pastor, that is their call, but what I can tell you is that we will continue to do so.  We normally always see spiritual growth and people come to Christ. I also hope that after 21 years you realize that I do bring in much better preachers than me.   The fact that you have allowed me to travel and attend some great Bible Preaching Conferences, God has allowed me to network with some gifted preachers. Gary Frazier will be no exception.

One other reason we will have Revivals.  On April 13th, 1976 at North Dayton Baptist Church, Evangelist T.D. Hall was preaching on a Tuesday night and I surrendered my life to Christ as a fourteen year old boy.  A kid that was raised in Church, yet it was a Revival service that God used to forever change my life.

 Why will we continue to have Revivals?  Because Revival, is never outdated. God still saves We need a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit power of God.

I look forward to seeing you next week in Revival.  It might just be meant for you. I don't want to miss what God may want to do during these days of Revival.

Bro. Greg


  1. And what a fantastic revival it was!!!! Yes I am exhausted but so privileged to hear God's message to me about my soon-coming King!!!! Thank you Bro Greg for bringing such men of God to us.


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