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All Eyes On Ohio

They say home is where your heart is!  Oh how I love Camden, Ohio!

As we watch the the news and those reporting on the Primary in Ohio tomorrow, it seems like many feel that after tomorrow we can draw some conclusions.  That some of our questions will be answered.  Regardless of who wins in Ohio, there will still be some important questions that we still face....regardless!

It may sound like a cliche, but it is the truth.  "We are praying for change in the White House.  What we really need is change in the Church House."  The only way that is going to take place is by the power and hand of God.  The change that we can create will be temporary, not eternal.

God has placed each of us here for such a time as this.  One preacher recently shared, "God must think we are pretty special to let us live in a day like this."  While some say it is the toughest day to be a Christian, I believe it is the greatest day in history to let our lights shine for Christ.  The light will…