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Thank You Lord for Billy Graham

This week God called home one of His choice servants in Evangelist Billy Graham.  Ninety nine years old and now in the presence of the One whom he loved and called others to follow.

I can remember as a boy when Billy Graham crusades would air on prime time television and it would bump off any other program. His recognizable voice and accent, the clear message from God's Word, the Gospel presently clearly followed by an invitation to get up and come forward and receive Christ as your Savior.

As a  young boy in Dayton, mom and dad took us I believe in the 60's to Columbus where he preached and we heard testimony. That is another aspect of his crusades that stayed consistent.  He always had guests, celebrities, athletes, actors, come and share their testimony of faith in Christ.  They were never long, but you could tell, they had been asked to share a brief word for the Lord.  One of my favorites comes from the 1987 crusade in Columbia, S.C.  It is special because I am a basketba…