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Confessions of a Sponsoring Church Plant Pastor

From time to time I will be giving some principles and lessons I am learning as we plant Hope Community Church @Old North Dayton. The first preview service this past Sunday night took off  and what a great blessing it was.  There were 92 in attendance and one that we know of invited Christ into their life.
We have been involved in several church plants, but never the sponsoring church. This night was special and we believe this work is going to be special. 21 of our folks made the trip and we had a great time of serving, worshiping, along with the fellowship that followed.
Here it goes:  A few confessions as the pastor of a church that is sponsoring a church plant. 
Here are 10 initial thoughts.
#1. There has to come a time where you quit talking about planting a  church it and just do it.    #2.  It is a great blessing to see a traditional church recognize that God wants to use us in other  places. It energizes the home church. # 3.  Sponsoring a church will cost you.  There is no cheap …

Mr. Know It All!

Today I returned from the Woodstock Church Planting School that came to Columbus. Had a great time with our Church Plant Pastor Randy Chestnut and came away with a few new takeaways. Lessons that God used to once again humble this Camden pastor. #1 Church Planters have to walk by faith #2 Church planters have a Heart to reach the Kingdom #3 Not all church planters are young #3 Church planters must partner to survive #4 Church planters are more concerned about conversion growth rather than transfer growth. #5 Church planters work hard. #6 I have pre judged many young planters thinking they thought they knew it all. God forgive me. These planters have a great deal to teach me. Lord help us to be reminded that we are laborers in the field .... Together...We need you and we need each other.