Time Really Does Fly

Solomon said there is a time to live and a time to die in Ecclesiastes 3.  Recently we have lost Jim Roberts, and as I write, yesterday ended with the loss of a charter member, Nancy Chaney, and  today began with the loss of Don Otherson.

My dad has always taught me that time flies.  Those prophetic words ring more true to me today than ever.   It has been said, "The days and months may drag, but the years fly by."  Now approaching fifty six years of age, where has time gone? Our son Drew is thirty-two, our youngest, Stacy is almost thirty, and our oldest grandson turns eight in December! Did I miss something or is life racing by?

I was having a great Saturday until I realized it was Sunday !

That is why it is so important to not wait to give your heart to Christ.  We have no guarantee of tomorrow, yet eternity is sure.  We are all going somewhere when we die.  LIFE'S GREATEST QUESTION? WHERE WILL YOU GO?

In a recent Disciples' Path Wednesday night Bible Study, the theme was , "We are His mission, He is our solution."
When we place our faith in Christ, where we will go is settled, our sin debt is paid for,  we now know our purpose and Who to live for is clarified, and how to treat others is defined.

My prayer for all who read this is that you have given your heart to Christ.  If not, surrender your heart today.  Ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you of your sin.  He is waiting and willing.

You will not regret it when God calls you home.


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