Friday, April 13, 2018 may not mean much to many people, but it marks the forty second year since the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ and was saved.

It was during Revival with T.D. Hall, the guest Evangelist, at North Dayton Baptist Church.  I recently attended a funeral there and the memories of the past flooded my soul.  Being raised by godly parents and in Church is a wonderful thing, and a blessing from God.  I had walked down the aisle as a nine year old boy, but always wrestled with doubt as a young teen on whether or not I knew what I had done at that young age.

Tuesday night came.  Most folks likely thought that it would be a service similar to the previous night.  There was a fourteen year old boy there, that knew this would be the night.  I had made up my mind before the invitation.  I would settle it once and for all, and I did.  Christ met me at the point of my surrender and my life has never been the same.  With knees bent and tears streaming down my cheeks I ask Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sin.  The greatest and most important decision I have ever made.

Now in my twenty fifth year here at FSBC as pastor, I  pray and yearn for Revival where we see people broken, saved, and surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord.  That is one reason I love Revivals, 
my life was forever changed by Christ in one.  We look forward to having Jeff Crook with us beginning this Sunday and my prayer is that the same sweet Holy Spirit does it again, as lives are touched and  forever changed.


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