Family Reunion

One thing in culture that has changed is the importance and planning of family reunions.  There was a time where it was almost a regularly scheduled annual event.  Years ago we went to Tennessee to be part of one and it was wonderful.  Sadly today, this is not the case as reunions have given way to busy schedules, ball tournaments, and planning alternatives.  My experience is that most family reunions sadly now take place at funeral homes or gravesides. We only get together when there has been a great loss or death.
Unless someone takes charge and makes it happen it will become only a conversation and never take place.

Last night we came together to worship around the Lord's Supper table.  In many ways, this service is about a Family Reunion.  Brother's and sisters in Christ getting together to worship, and remember what the Lord has done for us.  We are family brought together by the blood of Jesus, Calvary's cross, and His glorious resurrection.  Jesus brings us together for this important time.  It is His blood, His sacrifices, and His wonderful promise of heaven that makes it happen.  We are saved by Him, through Him, and for Him.

I am grateful to be part of the family of God.  We may not be a perfect church, but we strive to serve and worship One who is!  Lord, thank you for my family at FSBC!



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