Father's Day 2017

What a blessing to have my mom and dad slip in on me for worship Father's Day.  I must say that preaching with them in attendance always puts a lump in my throat and a heart full of emotion when I think of how blessed I have been as a boy and man to be raised by them.

As I preach through Ecclesiastes being in Chapter 7 was wonderful as we talked about having a good name.  I count it a great honor to be the son of Fred and Dyne Jackson.  Dad has given me many   things in life, and a good name is a blessing. He has done that through faith, character, hard work, and integrity.

When I reflect on my life as a dad,  Drew and Stacy make me so proud.  Neither one of them seek the spotlight, they just work hard, love their spouses, are great parents, and love the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. I can't even begin to describe the joy of having four grandsons, (two by each family).  Renee and I would say that life can get crazy, but God is so good!

Before the service, four of us sang Seasons of a Man by Steve Chapman.  Below are the words, and if you go to our website at www.camdencornerofhope.com  and click on the 6/18/17 sermon you can hear it at the beginning of the sermon.

Seasons of a Man
I am the springtime, when everything seems so fine
Whether rain or sunshine, you will find me playing
Days full of pretending, when a dime is a lot to be spending
A time when life is beginning, I am the springtime

I am the summer, when days are warm and longer
And the call comes to wander, but I can’t go far from home
When the girls become a mystery, and you’re barely passing history
Thinking old is when you’re thirty, I am the summer

I am the autumn days, when changes come so many ways
Looking back I stand amazed that time has gone so quickly
When love is more than feelings, its fixing bikes and painting ceilings
Its when you feel a cold when coming, I am the autumn days

I am the winter, when days are cold and bitter
And the days I can remember number more than the days to come
When you ride instead of walking, and you barely hear the talking
And goodbyes are said too often, I am the winter
But I’ll see spring again in heaven, and it will last forever

Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music, Inc/BMI / Av


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