Hallmark Holidays?

I can't believe the transformation that has recently overtaken me when it comes to television watching. I am actually watching the Hallmark Movie Channel and enjoying the movies. It began last Christmas season and has now progressed through the present series of Autumn themed movies.

Some characteristics of these movies are recurring, such as the actors, a small town or village, a trip back home to the farm where an old flame is still there,  fall or Christmas festivals, a delayed flight back home to a job that has overtaken a life, and did I mention I haven't heard cursing. There is always a fresh snow and plenty of coffee and hot chocolate in people's hands.  We even know the names of the actors and actresses who often appear in many different movies.

These movies are about simple things from small towns with clear messages.  There is nothing fancy about them.  To really experience the season, there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple.  Spending time with folks you love, in places that you love, and being reminded about the One who first loved us is what brings joy to the holidays.

Jesus teaches us to be grateful.  Paul said that he had learned to be content,  in prosperity or poverty.
Let us seek to be thankful for all that Christ has done for us.

My mom and dad have always made this season special.  They have spent their lives going out of the way to make it wonderful for our family.  Now with grandsons of our own, I hope we can make the holidays "Hallmark" for them as well, and if that means keeping things simple, if it is all about Jesus... then we have done something right and that will be ok.


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