Surprise in Sandusky

Last week at our State Convention of Ohio Baptist Annual Meeting Sandusky, Ohio I was stunned to receive an award called the Darty and Dot Stowe Award. Taken by surprise, it was a blessing to have Renee slip up with Mom and Dad, and Roy and Cathy from church.  It was also a great blessing to have our Staff share congratulations by video as well as my sweet kids and grandsons.  God has been so good to me as a son, husband, dad, papaw, and pastor.  I could not have asked for anything more in life. It is a great blessing to shepherd the flock God has given me in Camden. I share this with my church family.  Below is a description of the origin and some background regarding Darty and Dot Stowe.

Darty and Dot Stowe began their ministry with Mission Ohio in 1954 as director of missions for the greater Cincinnati area. A year later he became state director of missions and then became the associate executive secretary, working closely with state executive secretary Ray Roberts. Darty and Dot loved their work in Ohio and served until his home going in 1981. Dot accepted a position as director of a women’s residence hall at Georgetown College in 1983, where she influenced many young women. She moved back to Ohio in 1989 and stayed in close contact with friends in the ministry until joining Darty with our Lord in 2000.

Darty Stowe led well from the ‘second chair,’ with a servant’s heart, leaving a great legacy in Ohio. The award is given every year to a pastor or minister who has served faithfully, perhaps never recognized like those in the larger, more visible churches, but leaving a legacy and serving in the spirit of 1 Thessalonians 2:3-12. The Darty and Dot Stowe Award is provided by annual gifts to Georgetown College from members of the Stowe family.
Candidates for the Stowe Award must be currently serving Mission Ohio and have at least five years of service. Nominations are submitted to the state convention staff by October 1 each year. The award is announced during the annual meeting of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio. A recognition plaque and a financial award for the purchase of books and/ or continuing education are presented to the recipient.


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