He's On His Way!

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio meant that our grandparents lived out of state our entire lives.  Most of that time being in Tennessee and South Carolina.  Many years when Sheila and I were kids we were able to go to Tennessee to celebrate the birth of Christ with family at Christmas.

A special memory I have was the arrival.  We would pull into the lane, roll out of the car, then step up onto the porch.  As we would step up on the crickity floor, we would  knock on the old screen door. If you listened carefully you could hear it.  The china cabinet was vibrating and that meant only one thing.  Somebody was on their way walking through the house.  
In seconds, we were greeted by someone loved far more than Santa, we were welcomed by my Papaw Jackson.  He and Granny were always so happy to see us. He also always greeted us with a joyful smile and hug. There was always food ready when we arrived.  Regardless of the hour, it was prepared with eager expectation of our arrival.  The sight of his overalls, along with the smell of tobacco mixed with the smell of coal in the fireplace and chalky peppermint sticks are things I will never forget. I must not forget the small glass bottles of Coke!

Just as the vibration of the china shouted, "He's on his way", Christmas shouts to us a message that when Christ was born, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Salvation was on His way!  If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, He will be home for Christmas.  Home in your heart as a Christian is where the Holy Spirit resides.  Let's celebrate and not forget or neglect the reason for it all.  Regardless of where holiday travel takes you, make sure Your heart is where Christ finds His home.  That will make it a great Christmas.

Merry Christmas!  Bro. Greg


  1. What a blessing it was growing up with Grandparents even though they lived in other states! Thanks Greg for taking me down memory lane. Life with you had been pure JOY! Christmas time is a comin!


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