Turning the Page from 2018 to 2019!

Pastor's Christmas Devotional - New Year's Eve 2108

When I was a teenager, I loved New Year's Eve and Day, not just for Family and Buckeye football, (and black eyed peas, ribs, and sauerkraut), but also for the fact the radio stations played a "Top 10 Countdown" from that year.  I can remember laying in my bed looking at the poster of basketball hero Pete Maravich on the wall and waiting to hear the next song, thinking it may be one of my favorites. Today I want to share some of my "Top Things I am taking from 2018"  and some "Top Priorities to carry into 2019."

2018 Takeaways:
 1. Prayer is the Key - apart from the power of God it is easy to just go through the motions.
2. FSBC needs steady, faithful, verse by verse preaching and teaching of the Bible without apology or compromise.
3. There is no substitute for a personal face to face visit.
4. If I am not intentional in sharing my faith, the staff, leadership, and church will most likely follow my lead.
5. I will not lead our church forward if I am not growing personally, through prayer and Bible Study and personal evangelism.
6. 25 years have flown by - make the most of the time you have.
7. Regardless of how long you have been a pastor, there will always be tough calls to make.
8. God has blessed us to partner with other churches who are just beginning. we may not always see the numerical blessing here at FSBC.
9. FSBC is the most giving group of people I have ever witnessed. You can never out give God.
10.Never take a healthy marriage and family for granted.  There are many hurting people. In the church and out of church.
11. Bonus: Never under estimate the value of other pastors who are personal friends.

Things to carry into 2019:
1. A burden to walk in surrender and obedience to the Lord.
2. A prayerful love and concern for lost family and friends.
3. A hunger for the Word of God like never before.
4. Speak with more grace and less criticism.
5. Share my faith more,visit more, both prospects and members.
6. Guard my study time better.  Make the most of mornings for study.
7. Way less Twitter or social media. Read more!
8. Physical exercise is a great stress reliever.
9. Communicate better to Staff and Leadership.
10. Walk by faith, not by sight.
11. Bonus: Quit trying to be someone else. Let's just be FSBC for the glory of God.


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