A Christmas Review

Pastor's Devotion - Monday December 17th

As we have completed "The Light of Christmas", all I can say is wow, and praise the Lord!  I believe we had a record Saturday night crowd, with so many guests, but it didn't stop there.  Sunday morning we had 461 in worship! There was a buzz in the building as the anticipation of months of practice was about to become reality through the performance. The church was decorated beautifully and Christmas is in the air!  Marcia and Bev had labored tireless to get us to this point.  A group of fine young people kicked it off with a fun "It's Time for Christmas"  holiday choreographed rendition that would have made any Christmas show or King's Island performance proud.  The staging, lighting, sound, narrators, actors, soloists, and singers were spot on and everyone adjusted wonderfully when they had to.  The Drama Team delivered a powerful presentation of the futile search to find perfection on our own. Kelli (Becca) shared the Gospel so clearly.   She passionately reminded us that it is Christ , the Perfect, who came for the imperfect.  Darlene (Stephanie) received the Mother of the Year and recognized that the perfect Christmas really comes from receiving the unconditional love of God and the blessing of a family.  I believe many lives were touched with the power of the Gospel this weekend and I thank you for your effort and hard work, along with your prayers.  We concluded last night with the Lord's Supper in a sweet time of worship.  One pastor referred to the Lord's Supper at Christmas as , "From the Stable to the Table."

This has been my attempt to review the weekend.  As your pastor, proud is insufficient to sum up my feeling and love for you all. The degree of talent and commitment that God has blessed our church with is not taken lightly or for granted.  We are blessed. As the Lord looks at us, may we be reminded that it is His review that really matters.  Only time will tell the impact of this weekend on the lives of those in attendance.  Thank you for being faithful to allow us to go big when attempting to share the love of God.  Thanks for supporting the work of Christ here on the corner. 

With Christmas one week away, let's not lose our focus on doing, but remain committed to being.  I pray that you point people to
"The Light of Christmas" where ever the Lord may choose to take you this Christmas. 

Have a great day for Jesus!   Bro. Greg


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