Am I Always Thankful?

Recently Renee picked up a plaque for the house that reads, “ What if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday?” I must confess, there would be some days that I don’t have much due to taking so many things for granted.  God help me to understand that I am the richest man in the world in every aspect of life.
 Today the Lord blessed me to pop in on one of our shut ins, Barry Clutter, who is recovering from surgery at Sycamore Hospital.  For those who may not know, Barry has battled MS for many years, I believe he shared over twenty years.  I remember when Barry played softball, golf and was very active.  Many of us have called upon his computer genius in some form or fashion.  He has been confined to a wheelchair many years, and now has nearly no use of his hands and arms.  Despite, these challenges, he and Linda have remained encouragers to those of us that know them.

 I noticed that Barry’s meal had been delivered and ask if I could help him, with his lunch.  He whispered that would be great.  As I fed him and listened carefully to his instructions, his patience and gratitude for the smallest things were so refreshing and convicting to me. Things like moving the sheet off of his hands and adjusting pillows.  As I held his bowl as he ate his tomato soup through a straw, he smiled and looked my way responding, “That is delicious.” I was the one who was ministered to today.

 Dear Lord, give me the heart of Barry Clutter.  Keep me grateful and thankful more than ever for the simple things of life. Even a bowl of tomato soup.

Would you take some time and pray for Barry and Linda Clutter this Thanksgiving?

 Have a great day tomorrow.  Bro. Greg